The BreakingBox




**Shattered Boxes and Records**

Once you touch your finger on the screen to break the boxes, there’s no turning back!

You know how sometimes you just unlock your phone and stare at the screen for a while, now you’ll always have colorful boxes on your mind. Because The BreakingBox is one of those games that once you start playing, you can never let go. Besides it has an endless gameplay therefore it won’t let you go either.

You can also take the subway with no worries of boredom since it can be played offline. Every time you shoot the balls, the number of balls increase, so breaking more boxes, you won’t be able to wait to set a new record!

**Why is it Different?**

Instead of other existing games, The BreakingBox focuses on carrying the user experience to the maximum because it was built by people who kept asking one question: “How to present a game experience that is more entertaining to play?”

**New and Unique Jokers**

As we said entertainment is put first, one of the things we value the most is; Jokers. The Jokers in The BreakingBox were specially designed to have your game experience more fun. On top of that, the use of the jokers is not limited with a few combinations either. So you can go ahead and use any joker on any box you want to break.

**Exciting Game Speed**

Some games tend to move so slow, set aside having fun, you play it as it was a task or duty. Naturally, this slow gameplay tend to be very dull. However The BreakingBox is aware that the gamers can’t wait to shoot the next ball so it doesn’t make you wait a long time between shots.

**Difficulty Level: We can not Assure You**

The difficulty level goes up the more you play The BreakingBox. The increasing number of balls stands at a number after a while and gets you off the comfort zone a little. At that moment, you might want to sit up right on your chair and keep a higher level of concentration.

Another difficulty that requires concentration is, the target cursor doesn’t go all the way to the obstacles. So if there is a difficult target you don’t want to miss and need to make certain calculations beforehand, you need to keep both eyes on the screen.

**The Strategy of the Game Belongs Completely to You**

Despite other games on the market, The BreakingBox leaves the future of the game in the hands of the player, not the designer. In other words, you as a player get to decide when and where to use the jokers you spend good efforts to collect, not the game. Each 4 of them with different purposes carry a life or death value on The BreakingBox and shape the destiny of the game depending on order of use.


Can you survive this addictive game with surprising new jokers?

Tap to set your target, release your finger and start breaking the bricks!

  • Download & play for free
  • No in-app purchase
  • Offline play without internet connection
  • Endless gameplay

**Bonus Joker**

You may win a free powerup by watching a short ad; Just click on the star located below left.
Remember that the star automatically reactivates after 50 shots!

How to play:

  • Tap and aim towards the bricks and release to shoot
  • The more you play, the more balls you will have (50 balls max.)
  • Focus on breaking more bricks every time you shoot
  • To shoot again you have to wait until all balls to fall down to the bottom line
  • Make sure to avoid any brick from touching the bottom line

There are 4 types of jokers in the game:

  • One breaks all the bricks closest to the bottom
  • One gives twice the damage
  • One pulls all boxes with the same color down to level 1
  • To shoot again you have to wait until all balls to fall down to the bottom line
  • One lets the balls bounce from the bottom line for 5 seconds

Remember: You need to collect jokers before they disappear and use them at the right time!


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